Renewable Resources

Renewable Resources #2

Renewable Resources

Here is a weekend resource link from our friend Katie Munnik. She says she’s continually inspired by the ideas from

At Renew and Sustain, we aim to give you helpful resources, essays, recipes, tips and experiments to help you make steps toward a more sustainable life.  We can get behind the philosophy of kitchenstewardship, which is to small steps in the kitchen to becoming better stewards of God’s gifts. A helpful “baby step” guide can be found here: Overwhelmed? Start Here.

I’m excited to learn more!


Christiana is the manager of this collaborative blog. She has postgrad degrees in theology and creative writing from St Andrews University in Scotland. She lives with her family in intentional Christian community in rural Illinois. While her husband farm manages, she writes, sings, dabbles in gardening, cares for their two kiddos, cooks, preserves food and attempts to homemake.  She also blogs at


2 thoughts on “Renewable Resources #2

  1. Here’s one that I like: But be sure to drain the orange rinds. I thought I was clever and chopped them up small to add right to my vinegar spray bottle. The cleaner worked wonderfully and smelled super, but the bits got in the way of the pipe, and I ended up breaking the spray mechanism. Oops. Short-cuts sometimes lead back to the bargain store for another bottle…

  2. I like that. I might try it someday soon…after I’ve made my deodorant…still want to do that. Thank you for the tip!

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