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A Renew Review

Renew and Sustain aims to create an online community of those of us who desire to live more sustainably. We hope to be a place free from guilt, judgment, and embarrassment. Instead we wish to encourage, excite and inspire you and ourselves to try new things and rethink our ways of being in the world.

I’ve been so proud of my lovely friends and the beautiful writing, recipes, and tips we’ve shared over the past two months.  I’ve been moved by our contributor’s essays and excited by different ideas for living more sustainably.  There’s more to come in the next months and I hope you’ll stick with us.

In lieu of our two month anniversary, I want to do a review of my favorite recipes and essays so far.


Amy’s All-Natural Deodorant: I tried Amy’s recipe and it took me about 15 minutes from start to finish. The deodorant really does work!

Homemade Lotion: a recipe I (Christiana) adapted: It’s been a lovely multipurpose lotion.

Soap #1 and #2 (see more Wise Woman Wednesday posts from Angela for some wonderful health and natural beauty recipes).

Cheesy Crackers and Graham Crackers: from Katie and me, respectively…fun snack recipes for kids. And a recipe from Heather, teaching us a the beauties about the oft-disparaged food turnips.


Angela’s “How Far is Far Enough?”: in which she takes an honest look at her journey of intentional living. Her struggle between extremes is one most of us can relate to.

Jocelyn’s “What is the Sense of our Small Effort?”: where she laments the great steps yet to be taken to make peace in our world, both with each other and with creation. She gives us a glimpse of the hope that can be stirred up with a little meaningful baking.

Elena’s “Getting into the Dirt“: in which she battles her feelings of entitlement to teach her sons about sustainable living by getting into the dirt with them.

Christie’s “Why I am Wasting My Time and Loving it”: in which she finds contentment in quieter things.

Katie’s “Why I am not Buying a Kitchen Aid Mixer”: in which she says, “Participating in transformative acts like baking bread is participating in hope.” How lovely!



4 thoughts on “A Renew Review

  1. thanks all. I’m enjoying the reading (even though i may be the only man reading!). good luck to all in your continued efforts. I’m off to pour over my Baker Creek Heirloom Catalog and try and convince my wife to read this blog at some point!

  2. Thanks for staying with us Michael! If you’re the only man reading, good on you! We need more of you! Let me know if you have an idea for a post.

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