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Me, Myself and Cookie Dough

by Elena

It was a day I will always remember. The day when a friend yelled to me, “Don’t eat that! You may die of food poisoning!”  My spoonful of raw cookie dough dropped back into the bowl and instantly became a monster that was out to attack my immune system. I wondered if I’d ever eat anything with uncooked eggs again. This would be a difficult life-change.

Although I appreciated my friend’s concern, I found I couldn’t abstain from the goodness forever. When I take a bite of raw dough, I thoughtfully consider how my husband and children will fare without me. Then I try to remember if the eggs had a bad smell before I cracked them into the mixture. Nope, no bad small let’s just try one bite. Oh, it’s yummy.

Although I was willing to risk ingesting ‘egg-full’ dough, I still winced when my little ones reached for the mixing spoon. I often kept the beaters away from their precious mouths. But I would hate for their childhoods to be void of the joy of eating cookie dough. Could I find another way?

And find a way I have. Raw cookie dough bites are a hit at my house. These tasty little uncooked treats are to be kept cold in your ice box for a week or until little hands have eaten all of them. You can add cinnamon for your snicker doodle delight or raisins and ginger for your oatmeal raisin obsession. Whatever kind of cookie is your fancy, adjust the add-in ingredients to your liking.

Raw Cookie Dough Bites

recipe adapted from

Ingredients, cookie dough

1/2 cup almonds

1/2 cup walnuts (or cashews)

1/2 cup uncooked oat flakes

1/2 tsp sea salt (I like my sea salt, if you don’t prefer it, feel free to lessen the amount)

1/3 cup agave nectar (or honey)

2 tsp vanilla extract

options for add-ins: dark chocolate chips, raisins, cinnamon, and/or dried fruit bits

I don’t have a food processor, which would make this quicker. But if you do, use that. If not, use a hand held chopper or cutting board with a sharp knife.

Mix all the finely chopped nuts, oats, and sea salt in a bowl.

mixing nuts and oats

Add the honey (or agave) and vanilla extract. Add in whatever your fancy.

mixing agave,salt,and vanilla


Dough should be sticky and mold easily into a ball. Feel free to add more agave or honey if its too crumbly. Place on a cookie sheet and let harden in freezer for 10 minutes. After you’ve had your daily fill, store the rest in a lidded container.

Little fingers

Enjoy, wholeheartedly!

Elena on hammockElena enjoys antiques, old wood and anything colorful.  She also loves good food. She and her husband live in Texas where they raise their two boys.  In her spare time, she sings, crafts, bakes and builds forts.  She blogs at


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