We are writers, mothers, single women, gardeners, city-dwellers and farmers.  We are builders, makers, impractical bakers, fudgers, readers and budgeters.

We don’t live perfectly. But we try to live more sustainably.  As best we can.

We long for reconciliation with God, one another, the earth and ourselves.

This blog is a hopeful and collaborative effort between those of us who long for a more sustainable life.

And this is a sustainable life: a life in which we are more intentional about what we buy, eat, read, and consume.  In which we realize that all of our decisions have the potential to connect or disconnect us with real people. In which we are prayerful about how we spend our money. In which we are careful about what we allow close to our hearts. In which we realize that Do-it-Yourself isn’t possible. So, instead we try to Do-it-Together.

But most of all, in which we love as Christ does, radically, humbly, and without measure.

Living more sustainably can mean that a life overhaul is necessary.  But it can also mean that we take small and practical steps to living a more loving and deliberate life.

We want this site to be a resource to help you take these steps in your life.  And we want you to join us and teach us as well.

Join us weekly:

Mondays-Practical experiments, recipes, crafts and tips for living more sustainably.

Wednesdays-Wise Woman Angela shares the joys and challenges of living sustainably through experiments, essays, how-tos and other musings.

Fridays-Essays from our contributors on their experiences with living more intentionally as women and men of faith.

Weekends-Renewable Resources: websites, books, reviews and other resources on living sustainably.


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