Frequent Contributors

Christiana is the manager of this collaborative blog. She has postgrad degrees in theology and creative writing from St Andrews University in Scotland. She lives with her family in intentional Christian community in rural Illinois. While her husband farm manages, she writes, sings, gardens, cares for their two kiddos, cooks, preserves food and attempts to homemake. She also blogs at
Angela is partner to Matt, foster mom to O and J, Truth-chaser, and education addict. She loves to play with words, workflow rules, herbs, and dirt. Angela lives in rural Illinois, where her family is part of an intentional Christian community. When she gets up the gumption, Angela blogs over at Leaping Greenly and hatch*.
Amy teaches ESL Writing and American Pop Culture at Taylor University. She and her husband, Jack, met while teaching English in Southeast Asia. After three years living in international community in Seattle, they settled in rural Indiana with their two little children. Amy loves dabbling in gardening and composting, baking sweet things, repurposing through sewing, and making all kinds of things from scratch. She also blogs at Making All Things New and for Christ and Pop Culture.
Katie is an Ottawa writer currently living in Edinburgh, Scotland, with her studying husband and two growing children and bump. She works as Associate for Children and Families at Canongate Kirk and writes The Messy Table at You can also find Katie on twitter @messy_table

Christie Purifoy
is a wife and mother of four who lives in southeastern PA. A PhD in English lit., she recently traded the university classroom for an old farmhouse and a writing desk. She blogs at


Jocelyn is a freelance theater director in Columbus, Ohio. She loves cooking real food vegetarian meals for friends and family. She is married to Mark, who makes the best homemade pies and corn tortillas around. When she isn’t at the theater, she can be found working part-time in a neighborhood bakery, working in her container garden, preserving fruits and veggies, going for walks, reading, or watching movies with Mark.
Elena on hammock Elena enjoys antiques, old wood and anything colorful.  She also loves good food. She and her husband live in Texas where they raise their two boys.  In her spare time, she sings, crafts, bakes and builds forts.  She blogs at
SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA Heather Munn has a BA in literature from Wheaton College and now lives in a Christian intentional community in rural Illinois, where she and her husband, Paul, host free spiritual retreats especially for those transitioning out of homelessness or addiction. She has published a young adult novel, How Huge the Night, with Kregel Publications.

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